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Open Air Cinema – The Italian Job (1969) [PG]

Saturday 29th August 2020

Douai Pavilion and Park, Upper Woolhampton, West Berkshire, RG7 5TG

The Italian Job (1969) [PG]


2019 saw the 50th Anniversary of the classic comedy, caper film, The Italian Job, written by Troy Kennedy Martin. A much-loved humorous story of Charlie Crocker, played by Michael Caine, the leader of a Cockney criminal gang, just released from prison and how he plots to pull off a $4 million Gold Bullion robbery! This takes place through the chaotic streets of Turin in Italy, filled with English and Italian football fans about to watch a major sporting clash and is renowned for its classic Mini Cooper car chase, but all does not end well!

Crocker enrols the financial support of “Mr Bridger” a much loved and well-respected fellow prison inmate, who is a true British patriot and bizarrely rules the prison guards! Crocker pulls together a real mixed bag of characters to assist him on the job, including the eccentric Professor Peach, an expert computer programmer played by Benny Hill, who manages to play havoc with the traffic light system of the city of Turin and brings the streets to a grid lock, to allow the robbery to take place.

Despite a run in with the Italian Mafia Boss – Altabani, Crocker and his team pull off the robbery, which involves car chases in Red, White and Blue Minis, with the Italian police through the Italian streets, buildings, rivers, sewers, highways, and rooftops…

We see classic cars owned by the Mafia and Crocker, such as Lamborghinis, Aston Martins  and Jaguar E-Types, several mishaps resulting in the well-known catch phrase “You’re only suppose to blow the Bloody doors off!” and literally a cliff hanger ending!

A really true classic British comedy!

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Includes a Bottle of Water
Run Time: 95 mins



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