Cancellation of Douai Pavilion Christmas Market 2020

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The last 8 months have certainly been challenging for us all and we would like to thank all of you that have supported the events that Birch Associates have hosted at the Pavilion during the summer and now moving into the winter months, it has meant a great deal to us.

With all of our events, we have worked closely with the Local Authority to ensure that everything we do is in line with all the Government’s guidelines and keeping our customers and staff safe.

It is therefore with sadness that we send this message, but we hope you can understand the decision we have made and why.

Following recent announcements by the Government and Public Health England, we wanted to let you know, re the discussions we have been having and the decisions we have made.

Since the re-opening of the Pavilion we have sent all of our event plans, risk assessments, guidelines for visitors and staff etc. re how we intend to run each of our bars/events and the Christmas Market, including the adaptions we have introduced in relation to the Covid-19 Pandemic, to the senior Environmental Health Officer for the Enforcement of Health and safety, at public venues and events.

They have been very supportive and approved the extensive measures we have implemented. This is also the case for what we had planned for the Christmas Market. However despite the Health and Safety team being happy with our plans for the Christmas Market, the advice now given is, considering the current situation the country now finds itself in re Covid-19, then it is possible that the Christmas Market could be prevented from going ahead at any stage, even 3 days before the event is due to happen. With the force at which the virus is currently escalating, this is a real possibility.

As we are sure you can appreciate a great deal of planning and organisation goes into an event such as the Christmas Market and it really starts as soon as the last one has finished. From our perspective there is also a very large financial commitment that has to be made, by us, our stall holders and suppliers. This year we would also be restricted to the numbers we could allow on site, but our concern is also that due to the rising problem of Covid-19 again, people would be reluctant to attend.

Consequently we have now had to make an extremely difficult and disappointing decision and one that has only been taken following a great deal of consideration for all parties concerned. We therefore find ourselves in the unavoidable position, that we will have to cancel this year’s Christmas Market at Douai Pavilion.

This was the LAST thing we wanted to do, especially following the last 8 months, when the majority of all the events in our diary for this year, have also been cancelled or postponed to next year, but we feel it is better to make the decision now, than leaving it any longer and being forced into it much nearer the time.

It is our every intention to plan and organise an even bigger and more successful Christmas Market in 2021, hopefully in much happier and less challenging times.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for their continued support- Savills, Rosebourne and Jubilee Day Nursery and Jubilee Gems Nursery.

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Also to our suppliers for their understanding – Sunley event hire, Fizz equipment hire and Hobbs printing, and our performers who were due to perform – VoxFresh choirs, Pangbourne Brass Band, Razzamataz dance group, Woolhampton school and our regular popular singer and guitarist Sion Whiley. A massive thank you goes to the stall holders and advertisers who were due to be involved in the Christmas Market this year and without these, the Market would not be able to go ahead. The majority of them have all committed to next year and we ask that you try and support these local suppliers as much as you can. You will see a list of all the stall holders and details of their websites etc. who were going to be taking part this year, on the public page, in the Christmas market section.

With all of our events we try and raise as much money as possible for our charities. Despite the current difficulties we have managed to raise approximately 5.5k this year, for them. Our charities such as Naomi House and the Charlie Waller Trust are finding it difficult in the current climate to fund raise, so if you can help, they would be extremely grateful.

Finally Birch Associates Events have a personal thank you to make to the Trustees of Douai Pavilion, for their support and encouragement during the last 8 months and allowing us to host the events we have. Again the Pavilion is a charitable organisation and run by volunteers and you can help support them, by becoming a friend of Douai Pavilion and please email us, re how you can assist and donate.

We will certainly be contacting you soon with other events, that are appropriate for the current times, but if you are looking to organise any type of private or corporate event in the future, please contact us to discuss how we can help you and visit our website at

Take care

Best wishes

Sue and Katie
Birch Associates Events